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Meet some of our courageous children that your money has helped and be inspired by their stories.

We hope that these inspire you to get involved.

Introducing Aria

30 Mar 2015 Introducing Aria - one of our regional ambassadors for 2015 Aria’s mum, Violet says she first noticed a lump on the then six-year old Aria’s arm, which the doctors initially treated as a cyst. However, when it was surgically removed it was found to be a Ewing’s Sarcoma tumour.

Introducing Halen

30 Mar 2015 Introducing Halen On 21 November 2014, Halen finished his three years of treatment fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL).

Introducing Hayley

30 Mar 2015 Introducing Hayley Hayley has just finished her eighth and final treatment for Lymphoma, after being diagnosed on 23 November 2012

Introducing Heidi

30 Mar 2015 Introducing Heidi Throughout Heidi’s battle she’s had the support of her twin sister, Bella, and elder brothers, William and Kayne whose lives also changed with Heidi’s diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis (NF1) – cancer of the nerves - in March 2013.

Introducing Jayden

30 Mar 2015 Introducing Jayden Jayden was diagnosed at 14 months with a large Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma (JPA) tumour, for which he underwent surgery and 40 percent of it was removed. This was followed by 18months of chemotherapy to deal to the residual tumour.

Introducing Kate

30 Mar 2015 Introducing Kate Kate was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) when she was three. She had been sick for a number of weeks with various symptoms, before the doctors discovered what was wrong with her

Introducing Liron

30 Mar 2015 Introducing Liron Liron’s cancer journey started on 31 July 2012 when he was eight years old. He was rushed to Starship after an accident at school where it was discovered he had multiple tumours on his liver, one of which had ruptured.

Introducing Lucian

30 Mar 2015 Introducing Lucian At the age of 16-months Lucian (now six) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) on 17 March 2010

Introducing Luke

30 Mar 2015 Introducing Luke Luke was five-years-old when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Anaplastic Medulloblastoma in April 2013. Now seven, he attends Holy Cross Catholic School in Papatoetoe, where he is in Year 3.

Introducing Kimberly

27 Feb 2015 Meet Kimberly Behr - one of our four 2015 Child Ambassadors Kimberly (4) is from Turangi and has 126 Beads of Courage®

Introducing Ryu

27 Feb 2015 Introducing Ryu - one of our four Child Ambassadors for 2015 Ryu (6) is from Auckland and has 500+ beads of Courage®

Introducing Jock

27 Feb 2015 Introducing Jock - one of our four Child Ambassadors for 2015 Jock (11) is from West Otago and has 1160 Beads of Courage ®

Introducing Te Paea

27 Feb 2015 Introducing Te Paea - one of our four Child Ambassadors for 2015 Te Paea (8) is from Kaitaia and has 500 Beads of Courage®

Introducing Lauren

1 Mar 2014 Lauren Courage Is Meet Lauren Hemingway - one of our three 2014 National Child Ambassadors!

Introducing Jayme

1 Mar 2014 Jayme Courage Is Meet Jayme Leary - one of our three 2014 National Child Cancer Ambassadors!

Introducing Quinn

1 Mar 2014 Quinn Courage Is Meet Quinn Hautapu - one of our three 2014 National Child Cancer Ambassadors!

Introducing Angel

1 Mar 2014 Angel - Courage Is Three year old Angel has been named as one of Wellington’s Regional Ambassadors for Child Cancer Appeal Month.

Introducing Priscilla

1 Mar 2014 Priscilla Five year old Priscilla John has been named as one of Auckland’s Regional Ambassadors for Child Cancer Appeal Month.

Introducing Noah

1 Mar 2014 Noah Nine year old Noah Meaalofa Watters has been chosen as a Child Cancer Foundation Regional Ambassador for our March Appeal Month.

Introducing Arthur

1 Mar 2014 Arthur Five year old Arthur Linton has been named as one of Auckland’s Regional Ambassadors for Child Cancer Appeal Month.

Introducing Millie

1 Mar 2014 Millie Millie Clements has been named as one of Wellington’s Regional Ambassadors for Child Cancer Appeal Month.

Introducing Zariah

1 Mar 2014 Zariah Five year old Zariah has been named as one of Wellington’s Regional Ambassadors for Child Cancer Appeal Month.

A unique record for an exceptional little man

18 Dec 2012 Manu and dad Two year old Manuaitu Haggie’s cancer journey has been recorded on the most unusual of mediums.

Claudia Little... Look at her now!

18 Dec 2012 claudia Claudia is now seven and finished treatment for Wilms Tumour in January 2011.

Hana Ellis-Kaa... Look at her now!

18 Dec 2012 Hana Hana is now eight and in Year 4 at Newmarket Primary School in Auckland along with her brother Takimoana (5) and sister Emere (11).

Kavahn Taumatauka.. Look at him now!

18 Dec 2012 Kavahn Kavahn is now eight years old, will be turning nine, on Waitangi Day 2013.

Emma Watson... Look at her now!

18 Dec 2012 Emma Emma finished treatment was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in early 2011 and finished treatment this May.

Joyce Singh... Look at her now!

18 Dec 2012 Joyce Joyce was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in November 2009 and finished treatment in March this year.

Dequarn Harrison.. Look at him now!

18 Dec 2012 Dequarn Dequarn is now five and started school at the beginning of the year at Pukekohe Hill Primary.

Letter from Claudia

10 Dec 2012 Claudia Here is a wonderful letter written to us from Claudia Chaney, our special One Day for Child Cancer Ambassador. Thank you Claudia :)

Alex's best friend helps her through

1 Oct 2012 poppet and molly Masterton Mum Louise Hight has a positive philosophy when it comes to helping her four-year-old Alex tackle the child cancer journey.

The Power of Pet Therapy

1 Oct 2012 sean The Child Cancer Journey can be a very lonely one for children who find themselves suddenly pulled from their normal routines of hanging out with friends and family, going to school and playing sport or following other interests.

A Story of giving back

1 Oct 2012 rama Fourteen-year-old Rama Davis left her treatment for Acute Lymphobastic Leukaemia behind over four years ago, but she has not forgotten the lessons she learned on the way. Now flourishing at Whangarei Girls High School Rama is enjoying giving back right across the community. She is a wonderful, generous inspiration. Here’s her story, in her own words.

Twins in it together

1 Oct 2012 twins Four-year-old Anouk Collins has had a little guardian angel at her side throughout her journey with neurofibromatosis – her precious twin sister Katia.

Weathering the Storm Hannah Style

20 Apr 2012 Hannah We are very pleased to introduce the Faces of Child Cancer Appeal Month, which will run throughout March. Our youngest little ambassador is the gorgeous Hannah Lacey…. Read on to learn more about her.

Back to Idyllic Waiheke Life

20 Apr 2012 Loren Five-year-old Loren Harvey is living a dream life on Auckland’s beautiful Waiheke Island.

Taking the Positives

20 Apr 2012 Girik Five-year-old Girik is seeing a lot more of his father Lalit these days and for that Lalit is grateful.

Connor Smiles On

20 Apr 2012 Connor Asking a toddler to stay put for 11 hours isn’t an easy task. But for gorgeous Auckland two-year-old Connor Campbell it is part of his daily life now and he complies amazingly well.

Driven to make a difference

20 Apr 2012 Arie Twenty one-year-old Arie Boer was diagnosed with retinoblastoma when he was just a baby. Now 20 years later he is studying physiology and his goal is to discover something important in science. Arie has kindly agreed to share his journey and how it has affected him.

A Grandparent's Special Journey

28 Nov 2011 Lynne and Family The part grandparents play during a child cancer journey isn't often acknowledged, and yet grandparents juggle difficult and complex roles. Dunedin's Lynne Robins kindly agreed to share her story.

Zack's Dad's Story

28 Nov 2011 Mccormick Fathers are less inclined to talk about the cancer journey than mothers who are more likely to get together and chat. Palmerston North Dad Glen very kindly agreed to share his experiences during his son Zack’s journey.

Pete and his animals

28 Nov 2011 pete and his pig Pete loves animals and wants to be a vet one day. Read his story here.

Osteosarcoma- Frannie's Story

28 Nov 2011 Frannie Read Frannie's Story here.

A Special Sibling Journey

26 Aug 2011 Jazzie cuddling Dylan We would like to acknowledge the role siblings play and share with you a story about a very cool big sister.

Helping the Healing

26 Aug 2011 Baby Degen Sarah Meyer lost her precious baby Degen to cancer in 2009. Sarah shares her story and hopes it will help to inspire others. Read about her journey of healing here.

Brave five-year-old Shauna

1 Jun 2011 Shauna with her face painted as a butterfly Shauna, a bright and happy five-year-old, is very proud of the three Beads of courage she has received for losing her hair.

Jackson's Journey

1 Jun 2011 Jackson with his Mum Rosanne and Sister Talia When a child has cancer it doesn't just affect them, it changes life for the whole family.

Emma's fight against the odds

18 Feb 2011 Emma loves her unicorn collection Three year-old Emma Watson was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in 2010. Read about her challenging journey here.

Joyce the Role Model

18 Feb 2011 Joyce on her 6th birthday Brave eight-year-old Joyce Singh was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in 2009. Read about her experience here

Dequarn Harrison - smiling his way back to health

18 Feb 2011 Dequarn had fun during the Appeal photoshoot Four-year-old Dequarn Harrison was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in 2009. Read about his courageous journey here

Kelcey keeps positive

8 Jun 2010 Kelcey In December 2009 Kelcey Roberts was diagnosed with T – Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Read about her experience here

Helpful Hana

17 Feb 2010 Hana Ellis-Kaa a child cancer patient In August 2007 Hana Ellis-Kaa was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and has undergone 26 months of treatment. Read about her cancer journey

Kavahn the trooper

17 Feb 2010 Kavahn - child cancer patient Kavahn was disgnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in October in 2009. He is in the early stages of his treatment and is handling it like a little trooper. Find out more about Kavahn’s experience.

Courageous Claudia

17 Feb 2010 Claudia poster kid 2010 The brave 5 year old was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumour in June 2009. Read about her experience and how we were able to help Claudia and her family
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