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Achieving their potential

08 Dec 2016

In the past year Child Cancer Foundation gave 142 Personal Development Grants to children with cancer, their siblings and parents.

These grants will assist with personal education and development helping them to achieve their full potential. 

One grant recipient was Riley, who is nine years old and was diagnosed with cancer when he was just three. Riley received a Personal Development Grant from Child Cancer Foundation in 2016 for educational support.

"During treatment Riley was not able to play freely with other children and missed the start of school. When he finished treatment all we wanted was for him to be able to do normal things and to head to school each day with the other kids. We weren't so concerned that his educational level was behind, we just wanted him to be happy." 

"It started to become clear to us that the fact he was behind had started to impact his confidence - he just wasn't able to catch up. We applied to Child Cancer Foundation for a Personal Development Grant to help with educational support. The grant covered a tutor for Riley and I can already see how the extra see how the extra supportis helping and how much happier he is. It was so hard to see him struggling when he had already been through so much."

 Laura, Riley's Mum.