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Child Cancer Foundation could not carry out the work we do in the community without the help of our volunteers.

What is volunteering?

Volunteering provides a wonderful opportunity for people to meet, contribute and support a common cause.

Volunteers are vital to us at Child Cancer Foundation. They help us to achieve our purpose by offering their time, skills and valuable advice.

What sort of people volunteer for CCF? 

CCF volunteers are ordinary people who come from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups. Some are parents, relatives or friends of families who have experienced the childhood cancer journey; some are from businesses and the public. Volunteers are interested in supporting our objectives, have a desire to support children with cancer and their families and help raise funds.

What do CCF volunteers do? 

Our volunteers provide a range of services and support including:
- participating in CCF Branch activities
- working alongside our staff
- helping our fundraising team during events such as the national Annual Street Appeal and Funrazor events.

How much time is required?

This depends on how much time you are able to give, and whether you would like to volunteer on a regular basis or purely for one-off events. Your local volunteer coordinator/manager can provide you with more information.

I am interested in becoming a volunteer!

$300 $300 provides a child with cancer and their siblings with beads. Make a difference

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