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funrazor is one of our favourite fundraising initiatives here at CCF! Kids with cancer don't get any choice about whether they lose their hair, so choosing to shave your lid for a brave kid inspires awareness, shows your support and proves to them that being bald doesn't mean that you aren't beautiful!

The Story So Far

The story began in the Garden City in 2003 with a man named Dean (Deano) Harrison, well-known for his long locks.

Deano’s friends had a teenage son, Gareth, who was in Christchurch hospital receiving treatment for leukaemia. Gareth was pretty bored at the time – it’s not much fun for any kid to be in isolation treatment after all - so Deano decided to lend him his Playstation for the duration of his stay in hospital.

This kind gesture was a huge hit with Gareth and after seeing the obvious pleasure on his face, Deano couldn’t help thinking how great it would be to raise enough money to get Playstations for all the kids undergoing cancer treatment.

Deano put his thinking cap on and came up with an ingenious idea. Two and a half weeks later he found himself sitting in Cathedral Square preparing to have his head full of hair shaved off in return for sponsorship. He was lined up beside Mayor Garry Moore and a number of other assorted friends and business associates who banded together to raise an amazing $27,000 for the Child Cancer Foundation.

All the children in treatment in Christchurch were delighted to be given their dream Christmas present that year - a Playstation console - as well as delicious Christmas hampers for their families. Without a doubt, Deano’s fundraising effort had been an enormous success!

The following year, Deano decided to hold the head shave event again and this time more people got involved. In 2005, his famous ‘Close Shave’ event was rebranded ‘funrazor’ and thanks to a successful marketing campaign, continued to get even bigger.

In June 2006, after a long battle with cancer, Gareth passed away at the age of 16. funrazor continued on in his memory. funrazor went national that year with 13 separate regions hosting head shave events, along with independent funrazor initiatives organised by businesses and individuals throughout the country.

2007 saw a total of 672 brave baldies, who showed New Zealand that they were serious about supporting brave kids with cancer. A whopping $536,000 was raised in one day across 19 different shave stations.

In 2009, Gareth’s younger sister Alice braved the funrazor stage to shave her head when she turned 16 years old, in honour of her brother. Sadly in April 2013, 10 years after Gareth was diagnosed with cancer, Allan Eastwick also lost his battle with cancer.

The 2013 funrazor: 10th Anniversary event was held in December in Christchurch and was dedicated to Gareth & Allan Eastwick, along with the rest of the Eastwick family - Lynette, Alice, Bryce and Kieran. It was held back in the heart of Christchurch and was an even bigger event then previous years, raising even more money for children with cancer, and shaving even more lids for brave kids.

So, that’s the story of funrazor so far. To join us this year and help us continue the success in your region, CLICK HERE.


I have long healthy hair, can you collect the hair and donate it to be used to make a wig for someone who needs it?

Dyed or permed hair, hair picked up off the floor, or shorter than 35cm isn't useable.

If you meet these requirements, you can try getting in touch with the following businesses to see if they are interested in using your hair:

1. Freedom Wigs in Dunedin on 03 477 7575 or freephone 0508 37 37 37 
Freedom Wigs only buy and use hair 35cm or longer, and it must all be 'pointing the same way' - ideally in plaits or a ponytail (or several small ponytails) when it's cut. Freedom Wigs will accept your hair if you send it to them with your name and address, and will even make a small donation to the Child Cancer Foundation!

2. Wigs by Hair Creations in Auckland on 09 357 6159.
Hair Creations wigs are made overseas, however will accept donations of hair for use in wig repairs.

How do I get involved?

To see any big shave events you can join in your region, organise one yourself, or shave your head in the comfort of your own home, follow this link, select your region and be a champion for child cancer.

To sponsor a friend, see the full list of fundraisers here.

I want more information. Who do I contact?

Phone: 0800 4 CHILD (0800 4 24453)