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Join our Everyday Kindness programme and help provide practical, ongoing support and comfort to families struggling through cancer with a regular donation.

For the hundreds of New Zealand families who face a childhood cancer diagnosis, the emotional trauma – shock, fear and heartache – is accompanied by huge disruption to everyday life. The pressure and uncertainty pushes families to their limit.
As a regular donor you will be part of a special group of givers, called Everyday Kindness Supporters. Your regular, ongoing donation will help support families who are going through the worst of times.
There is such a large need for our services. Every week, three more New Zealand children are diagnosed with cancer and at any given time we are working with more than 500 families, who each face unique challenges.
But with your help as an Everyday Kindness Supporter we can ensure the ongoing needs of families' are met - be that helping with travel, phone bills, house-hold expenses or food costs. It is simple, effective and always much-needed.
With a regular donation, via credit card or bank account, you can support children with cancer and their families all year long. Please join our Everyday Kindness programme and become a regular donor today.

Kimberly with her parents Peter and Chantal

$15 provides a family with a digital thermometer to accurately check a child’s temperature. Make a difference

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