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Child Cancer Foundation aims to provide up-to-date information for families. Below is a list of websites and brochures providing additional information, research documents and details about child cancer from around the world.


Introduction to Child Cancer Foundation
A guide for families...[read more]

Getting through it
Parents talk about life after their child has died of cancer...[read more]

When your brother or sister has cancer
A special guide for siblings...[read more]

Back to school
For students with cancer including guidelines for teachers...[read more]

Adolescent Cancer Survivor Impact Study
A study of the wellbeing of Adolescent Cancer Survivors in New Zealand...[read more]

This website is an invaluable source of information. We highly recommend it. 

An organization which has been formed to help families and children better understand the effects of cancer and chemotherapy.

CancerCare, Inc.

American Childhood Cancer Organization
The ACCO's mission is to educate, support, serve and advocate for families of children with cancer, survivors of childhood cancer and the professionals who care for them.

The site of the Association for Children with life-threatening or terminal conditions and their families. This site is in the process of redevelopment and will include access to a web-based research journal called LitpaedpalLit.

Action for Children and Youth in Aotearoa
This site has many excellent documents relating to areas of rights of children and youth.

Starbright World is an online social network where teens (ages 13 to 20) who have serious medical conditions, and siblings of seriously ill teens, can connect with each other via moderated chat rooms, games, bulletin boards, videos, and more.

Macmillan Cancer Support
Contains a large amount of very useful information about childhood cancer.

Children's Cancer Fund of New York Medical College
The site of the Children's Cancer Fund of New York Medical College, led by Dr. S. Jayabose, Chief of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology at New York Medical College.

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